Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Marie Segal

I first met Renee when I got the “Renee Award”. My friend Cindy from Oops desperate blogger gave it to me. I went and I read about Renee at “Circling my Head”. I cried and sobbed and cried some more. This brought up things that I was not ready to deal with yet.

Let me explain, I had lost too many people to this disease called cancer, my family, my friends, my sister in law and my Mom was diagnosed with it. My mom made though, I am so relieved. I was mad really mad.

I wrestled with how I would tell Cindy that I did not want this award. Thanks anyway!!

I decided to go back and read the blog again. I saw the light that is Renee through my anger. I even commented and at that time I considered myself the unknown blogger. I did not want to become involved.

Renee I believe felt this. She comforted, she cajoled, she came, and visited, she wrote from her heart, and she loved, she played, she talked, she asked questions, she shared, she lived with a passion that I had not seen displayed so openly and freely.

Renee seemed to know when I was not right (she said she was psychic, I thought she was kidding) and she would ask pointed questions. I would tell her everything. I was not embarrassed to tell her things. It was like she kept my feelings in her hands gently and with large, large amounts of respect.

Something inside me shifted deep inside by meeting and knowing Renee, I will never be the same because of her friendship.

The more I thought about her and met people that were close to her the more I knew she did this with everyone she met.

She would weave us together and we are still together today, I love that. It was very real and very exciting and very scary all at the same time. I loved being able to trust someone so much! To know that she cared for me as much as she said she did and it was real. The year that I knew Renee has changed my life forever and I will never be the same ever again and I am so glad!!

Renee I love you so much. I talk to you every day. I know you hear me cause sometimes you answer ;-D

Fly Dear one, fly!

Marie Segal


  1. marie, i feel exactly this way. it is so comforting to read your words and understand them so totally.

    you've touched me deeply. made me want to cry. brought renee right back.

    thank you friend

  2. We all have a connection with Renee. A connection that will never go away. We miss her so very much. Very nice post Marie.

  3. Beautiful and so very her, thank you for sharing.
    Oh how we love Renee.

  4. Marie, this is a gorgeous piece of writing...and you are absolutely right....Renee DID weave all of us KJ says, "Together Strong".
    I, too, talk to Renee a lot... we all loved her, we miss her - but we will never forget her.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. kj I want to cry too!
    I am so grateful though, for the changes that have occured. Thanks to a dear dear woman Renee, who took moments of her precious time on this planet to spend with me.
    So yes, I want to cry because I miss dear Renee so much. But yet, I want to laugh, to guffaw, to bellow with laughter, to run screaming though the steets because I am cracked open and I love it! Har har har!!!

  6. Amen Gloria!! A connection. She gave so much!

  7. No we will not forget her, Robin.
    She was an angel walking among us.
    Sort of like John Travolta in Michael. ;-D

  8. Marie - this is so well said. I feel the same way. Renee knitted a blanket with all of us. She knew exactly what she was doing, that lovely girl. xoxo!

  9. Pam it seems that she wanted us to find comfort after she was gone... in each other.
    What a wonderful tribe she has created.
    I am thrilled to be in such great company, Renee pre-approved.

  10. Thank you for sharing with us. We were so fortunate to know Renee; what a wonderful example she is to us.