Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Jacinta (One Little Acorn)

My brother died of kidney cancer in December 2008 and Renee contacted
me a month or so before his death, having read my posts at the time
and we became instant friends. It was early days in her blogging life,
and yet the way she connected and stayed in touch, it was clear she
was someone special. Renee was such an amazing light and a lovely

At the time (and since), Renee and I exchanged emails and cards and
she was such an incredible support. She truly helped me survive the
grief and sadness of the loss of my beautiful brother. I still grieve,
and I still miss my him to this day (and forever) but she really did
make a difference to my life. She understood and she listened and she
responded with honesty and sensitivity. And her warmth embraced me as
if she were right beside me.

She shared her joys and her pain and distress and her love with such
an open heart. She opened her life to us, and it was impossible not to
be touched and learn from her.

How she ever found the energy to email, write, post and comment on
everyone's blogs??? Well, she was just totally amazing and certainly
full of surprises.

I loved her dearly and I will miss her. Her family and her friends
(blogging and others) are a tribute to the beautiful person she was.
Her family were obviously her biggest loves. Her proudest
achievements. Her life. And I feel and share their deep sadness at her

Regards to you,


  1. This is so beautiful Jacinta, so special to read How Renee touched your life. Like knitting her life together giving love!



  2. Thanks for posting this on Renne's book of Love, Karen. Everyone's stories are so touching and show Renne's love knew no bounds, it just grew and grew.
    Thanks also for your comment Julie-Ann. Her friendship will be treasured forever by us and so many others.

  3. i LOVE hearing each story. it brings me such joy to hear renee's words and see how deeply her reach extended.

    i am totally delighted that we renee's friends are sharing with oneanother.